East Tennessee Foundation’s “ThankFul” List

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19 Responses to East Tennessee Foundation’s “ThankFul” List

  1. Beth Heller says:

    I am grateful for the opportunity to hear great regional music at the daily Blue Plate Special sponsored by WDVX radio station!

  2. Sherry Williams says:

    I am thankful to be living in East Tennessee because of all of the parks, greenspace, and trails throughout the region, specifically around Knoxville. There are thousands of opportunities to be outdoors!

  3. Patrick Wade says:

    There’s so much I’m grateful for in East Tennessee… Lakeshore Park, Meads Quarry at Ijams, Stefano’s Pizza, the Vols and Lady Vols, the Love Kitchen, John the 23rd church, WDVX, Live at Five at 4, Bill Snyder playing the Wurlitzer at The Tennessee Theatre… I could go on and on!

  4. Carolyn Schwenn says:

    I am thankful for my deep sense of place rooted in East Tennessee. I am filled with wonder at its beauty: the mountains, the streams, the lush landscape, the four seasons. My weekend drives feed my soul, and I continue to be awed by new, beautiful discoveries. It is home. Let’s protect it.

  5. Jan Elston says:

    I’m grateful to live in East Tennessee because this region celebrates its many local cultures and traditions with wonderful festivals that bring the community together. Greek Fest, Hola Festival, Englewood Celebrates, Union County Heritage Festival, Luttrell Bluegrass Festival, Mountain Heritage Literary Festival, Louie Bluie Festival, and Cherokee Heritage Festival are among the many extraordinary festivals in East Tennessee.

  6. Trudy Hughes says:

    I am thankful for the many community volunteers who serve on our affiliate fund advisory boards across our region. We at ETF are blessed to be in service with these dedicated individuals who care so for their communities and daily encourage charitable giving!

  7. Jackie Lane says:

    My life’s path brought me to East Tennessee in 1972 and it’s where I reconnected with our natural world on a much deeper level. We are so fortunate to have environmental organizations that guide, teach, advocate, maintain, and protect the surrounding wild and its inhabitants. To name a few for whom I am grateful and with whom I have been associated: Ijams Nature Center, Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning, Discover Life in America, Tremont Environmental Center, Tennessee Clean Water Network, Foothills Land Conservancy, Legacy Parks Foundation, and Friends of the Smokies.

  8. Deborah Phillips says:

    I am grateful to live in East Tennessee because it is full of wonderful surprises that continually amaze me – from its gorgeous scenery to its diverse, interesting people.

  9. Anna Whitener says:

    I am thankful to call East Tennessee home for so many reasons that ultimately fall under two categories: the natural setting and the people. This Thanksgiving I am especially grateful for the second family (and multiple “moms”) I have gained at ETF, the mountain view sunsets I get to experience while exercising, the ease with which I can be in a beautiful, protected natural environment, a generous philanthropic community, SEC football, and an active and welcoming young adult group.

  10. Sherry Williams says:

    I am grateful for my view of Krutch Park, where city workers are busy decorating downtown for the holidays!

  11. Susan Blair says:

    Having lived and traveled all over the world during my military career, I can honestly say. “There’s no place like home!” And home to me is East Tennessee. I am thankful for the rolling hills, seeing the Smokies in the distance on a clear winter day, Orion in the sky on a crisp fall night, and the smell of woodsmoke in the air.

  12. Beth Heller says:

    I am grateful for the mountains and natural beauty, the cultural opportunities provided by the university and artistic venues, the sense of community, and our wonderful friends, all of which make me thankful to call East Tennessee home.

  13. Sherri Alley says:

    I am thankful that East Tennesseans care so much – about the poor, the environment, animals, education, health concerns, social issues, etc. I am so blessed to be able to use my legal education to earn a living by helping people support the causes and organizations they care about. #mydreamjob

  14. Jeanette Kelleher says:

    Every time I fly into McGhee Tyson, seeing the mountains, lakes, and rivers from above, I am struck by how lucky I am to be coming home to such a beautiful place.

  15. Jeanette Kelleher says:

    I am grateful to the volunteers who serve on ETF’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) Advisory Board and to all the staff members at the nonprofits who receive support from the AHTF for all they do on a daily basis to help members of our community achieve the dream of homeownership.

  16. Mike McClamroch says:

    I am grateful for my constant companion, Sunny, my “official” family, and my ETF team, whom I consider family. Ultimately, I’m thankful that we live in a country where we can freely express our gratitude and our faith.

  17. Jackie Lane says:

    In our pursuit of fulfilling the East Tennessee Foundation mission of making communities stronger and lives better in East Tennessee, the ETF staff has many great opportunities to see first-hand the generous contributions of time, talents, and resources that are given so freely to improve our region. I am grateful to be aware of living in the midst of such people.

  18. Terry Ann Morgan says:

    When asked the question, “for what are you most thankful about East Tennessee,” I have to say, it is absolutely God’s country. Who could deny that only He could have created the majesty and beauty that surrounds us. Coming from the flatlands of Oklahoma (a uniquely different kind of beauty, where the wind really does come sweeping down the plains), it is the natural beauty and Volunteer spirit that make Tennessee such a blessing to me.

  19. Patrick Wade says:

    I’m proud (and excited) that Knoxville is committed to becoming a destination for outdoor recreation – we’re already there in many ways! I love our miles of walking trails, our dog friendliness, the farmers’ markets, WUTK, and the wonderful people all throughout East Tennessee.

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