Community Mediation Services receives 25th Anniversary grant in Anderson County

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A long standing grantee of East Tennessee Foundation’s (ETF) Youth Endowment, the Community Mediation Center has provided services to young people and their families primarily in Anderson County.  The programs implemented by Community Mediation Services bring together victims with youth offenders to develop reconciliation and restoration programs and plans.  Additionally the organization has been instrumental in increasing school attendance for young people at risk of school dropout, substance abuse, delinquency or criminal offenses through its Teen and Parent Mediation (TPM.).  Teens and their families participate in mediation sessions to negotiate mutually acceptable solutions to resolving conflicts over family issues. 

Through a grant made from ETF, Community Mediation Services secured a national evaluation team that reported findings documenting positive systemic changes in first time offenders and their sibling responses.  Findings indicated that offenders, their siblings and other family members who had participated in the medication and restoration programs were more than 89% less likely to repeat an offense for the offender and siblings were more than 92% less likely to commit an initial offense.  

The overall objective of our 25th Anniversary Celebration is to bring greater awareness and understanding throughout East Tennessee of how East Tennessee Foundation works with donors and through nonprofits in the region and how each person in our service area can have a relationship with the Foundation.

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